Africa InnovaTech Engineering (AIE) Sarl is an international company specializing in the design, implementation and management of engineering solutions in IT, Telecom, Energy, Robotics and Security.
AIE Sarl is present in Africa and Europe. Its Africa Office is located in Burkina Faso.
The Europe Office is based in the Netherlands.

AIE work in all African countries and the Netherlands in Europe.

We deploy innovative engineering solutions based on the needs of our customers every day.

Our solutions take into account the usage environment, the level of end users and also the IT investment strategy of the company.

By choosing AIE Sarl, you benefit from a high level of expertise and expert advice adapted to your profession.

Our experience is strong with a hundred references: SMEs, SMIs, Industrial sites, Mining sites, NGOs, Large companies, Construction, Universities, Governments.

Today AIE Sarl appears as a major player in the field of engineering solutions in Africa.

Our missions, our vision, our values

At AIE Sarl, we are convinced that our company plays an important role in the design of engineering solutions for companies.
We must occupy first place both for the quality of services and for technological innovation before the end of 2022.
To achieve this goal, we have put in place a functional and commercial strategy that takes into account the environment of use of our products, the level of users, the evolution of network and security technologies, health and personal development. of our employees to help us achieve our goals.

Our mission
We want to make AIE Sarl the first company of IT, Telecom, Energy, Robotics and Security engineering solutions.
We strive to provide reliable, available, secure and accessible engineering solutions for everyone in cities and the countryside.

Our vision
We want to enable African companies to have innovative technologies to increase their returns.
We invest heavily in technologies to create innovative solutions tailored to Africa.
Our values
Our values ​​and philosophy reflect the responsible company we aspire to become both professionally and socially.
Each of our decisions are based on these principles.
At AIE Ltd. we consider ourselves, as individuals and as a company, responsible for everything we do.
In all that we do, we seek quality and performance and thus respect eight fundamental principles:

We are a company with a great capacity for innovation. It is practiced in all areas: products, services, supports, and at all levels of the company.
The responsibility
We operate competently and conscientiously, and are committed to honoring our commitments.

Customer priority
Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and our course of action. At all times, we strive to listen to it, anticipate and understand its needs, respond to them by being available and responsive.

Respect for commitments
We respect our commitments to our customers and partners to achieve the expected performance.
The reactivity
Anticipating the needs of customers and responding quickly to their requests are an absolute necessity for us.
Team spirit
We develop team spirit, sharing of know-how and solidarity.
Each employee occupies an important link in the chain work and is aware of the expectation of the result of his work by others.
The valorization of women and men
The valorization of the men and women of AIE Sarl consists in putting each one in a situation of success and to recognize the results obtained. The quality of each conditions the collective performance.
Citizen responsibility
We have a foundation so the main goal is to create engineering solutions for rural communities. These solutions aim to provide access to all Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for development.
These activities are aimed at young people and women.

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